Are allergies during pregnancy can harm the baby

When pregnant, suddenly feel more frequent sneezing or nasal congestion? Maybe pregnant women have allergies. Which is then feared, whether these conditions can affect the condition of the baby in the womb? Allergies occur when the body's immune system reacts to certain ingredients that the body deems harmful (allergens), even though it is actually not certain. Immune (antibodies) then work to fight it by releasing chemicals in the body, causing allergic reactions. Usually allergies occur due to heredity and environmental factors. Actually one in five pregnant women experience allergies. So if pregnant women experience allergies, it is actually a relatively normal thing. For that, pregnant women should recognize allergies that might occur, as well as safe ways to deal with allergies. Differentiating Symptoms of Allergies Let's look at what are the symptoms of allergies. Symptoms of allergies in pregnant women are actually the same as those experienced by people in general
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